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August 2, 2023

If you are thinking about joining drug rehab for your addiction, then you are moving in the right direction forward. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of good quality recovery centers that have opened up across the country. These centers provide a variety of treatments for different types of drug addictions. But the important things are that these treatments are all standardized and approved by the medical board. As to how you can get into these centers, we can give you a detailed picture.

Preliminary and Short Assessment of Your Condition

The first thing that happens when you get to a recovery center is that you will be assessed for your present physical and mental condition. You will be given a questionnaire that will ask you details about your addiction, the types of drugs you used so far, the duration you were using it so far, why you decided to quit, and so on. These details are very important while creating your treatment plan. Hence, it is advised that you be completely honest while you give your details. All your data is protected by the center and you need not worry if your details get leaked out. The preliminary assessment will also give you an idea about your present condition and how far you can improve through the treatments ahead.

Insurance Verification for a Speedy Processing

The next step is to connect your treatment with your insurance plan. Almost all drug rehab centers have started to tie up with leading insurance providers in the country. Leading insurance companies like Cigna, Aetna, Ambetter, UnitedHealthcare, Magnacare, Anthem, etc., have even tied up with a lot of organizations and companies to provide insurance cover for their employees. If you are working in an MNC, or a government department, or any private organization, check if your insurance plan covers your rehab treatments. If yes, it is well and good, if not, you can ask for the rehab center to patch up with a new insurance plan that will cover your expenses.

Schedule Your Admission with the Center

Once the insurance procedures are finished, it will be time to schedule your admission. As you know already, hundreds of people line up to get admission into rehab centers. Hence, it could take a few days for the center to arrange accommodation for you. In case you need immediate admission, you can even choose luxury drug rehab which gives you more comfort, immediate admission, and also costs you a bit more than the regular program.

Personalized Plan for You

Once you are inside the rehab center, the clinicians will use your preliminary assessment to chart out your own personal treatment plan. This plan consists of all the therapies you will be provided, the schedules for counseling, support group sessions, and every other activity you will take part in inside the center. You only need to follow up with the plan. In case you feel any discomfort during your stay, and need urgent care you can contact the clinicians any time.


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